Latijns-Amerika magazine.

About us

We love Latin America, The Netherlands and Belgium but not necessarily in that order. We are curious, but don’t know everything. We love astuteness but can appreciate ­chistes, witty jokes, as well. We are realists without being cynical. We are idealists without being naïve. conSentido was founded by four graduates in Latin American Studies. Albeit different backgrounds we are united in a mutual sympathy for Latin America. With result: conSentido, the magazine. Through our interdisciplinary approach of informing about Latin America, we aim to improve the exchange between the Dutch, Belgians and Latin-Americans. To reach a large audience we publish an e-magazine. Most of the articles we write are in Dutch, nevertheless we also try to provide posts in other languages, mostly Spanish and English. Through this interdisciplinary approach we also try to break new ground by gathering different authors and offering knowledge about Latin-America, past the myths, and by showing respect for the social changes the continent currently experiences.

Why the name? This continent which covers Central and South-America can not easily be captured or generalized. That is why we baptized our e-magazine conSentido. We want to offer our readers information that is con sentido, in other words; makes sense. Playfully but also profoundly and seriously without pretending to offer naked truths. Besides, we also want to ‘spoil’ you, our reader, and treat you with the latest News, Multimedia and Arts, opinions, delicious recipes, events and bigger evolutions involving Latin America in Belgium, The Netherlands and Latin America itself.