Latijns-Amerika magazine.

Bachelor Course: The Identity of the City in Latin America

  • data:30/10 - 18/12
  • tijd:13:00 - 17:00
  • locatie:CEDLA: Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation
  • adres:Roeterstraat 33, Amsterdam

The Identity of the City in Latin America

What are the characteristics of Latin American cities? What does citizenship mean? When are people proud to be an urbanite? And how do socio-spatial patterns influence such experiences?

In this course students will explore the workings of urban identity formation and its roots, making use of geographical, sociological and anthropological studies. In the introductory part an overview will be given of Latin American urban studies and the history of urban development in the region. The attention will subsequently shift towards contemporary social movements, socio-spatial segregation, violence, urban policies and urban governance. De course rounds up with attention for the everyday experiences in the city, as well as with urban imaginaries on TV and in the cinema.



Course lecturer: Dr. Christien Klaufus
Time period: 30 October – 18 December 2019
Schedule: Wednesday 13.00 – 17.00 hours
Course load: 6 EC
UvA Course Catalogue Number: 137221036Y