Latijns-Amerika magazine.

Catapa Documentary projection: Hija de la Laguna

  • datum:20/11
  • tijd:20:30 - 11:30
  • locatie:Pangaea KU Leuven
  • adres:A. Vesaliusstraat 34, 3000 Lovaina

Mining companies have been a major problem in Latin America, with the environment and the livelihoods of local people being constantly in danger. If you are interested to learn how these people fight for their rights join us at the projection of the documentary “Hija de la Laguna”. An infosession will follow about CATAPA activities and about how can you to contribute to the struggle.

CATAPA is a volunteering organization focusing on mining issues mainly is Latin America, but also in Europe (Romania, Greece). Its main goal is to find sustainable solutions for he ongoing ecological crisis, something that is achieved through multiple type of activities including among others research and lobbying.