Latijns-Amerika magazine.

Eat for Art

  • data:08/11 - 09/11
  • tijd:18.30-22.00
  • locatie:Dokhuis Gallery
  • adres:Plantage Doklaan 8 - Amsterdam
  • kosten:€ 6
The night before LLECA’s big Managua Blues III benefit party, we’re making a cozy dinner at the Dokhuis Gallery.
La Fritanguita will cook plates from the pure Nicaraguan kitchen: the best recipes I’ve gotten to know over the past 6 years travelling to and fro.

The dinner is a ‘voku’, Amsterdam vegetarian popular kitchen, and a full menu (apetizer, main course, desert) will be just 6 euro!
All funds raised through the voku benefit LLECA’s Theater in Prison and Center for Experimental Acting directly.

You are all very welcome to join us for dinner!
Hope to see you there, love,

Lleca Teatro


Apetizer: Taquito de frijoles con chile (Fried bean lil’ taco with a selection of chili’s)
Main: Indio Viejo con tostones y ensalada (Traditional maize puree dish with fried plantanes and salad) Perfected the recipe at home : )
Desert: BUÑUELOS! Yes, our classic is back!!! Warm sweet balls of grated yuca and cheese with honey-cinnamon on top ^.^

More info on LLECA Teatro? Visit or write us at – we’re more than happy to be in touch!