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El Malo, Mexican Catering

  • datum:08/11
  • tijd:19:00 uur
  • locatie:Sexyland

Amigos in Amsterdam!!! 
We are pleased to announce and invite you to a catering experience call “EL MALO”. This is our first venture on sharing our favorite MEXICAN COMFORT FOOD in Amsterdam. 

We are catering for a concert of friends: 
Dusty stray – indie-folk-noir
Gallo – Sounds of a distant galaxy
Dynamo Irie – Psychedelic Locomotive Reggae / Sonic Selassie / Pink Doors Pissy Wall Groove Impro

So if you’re really into MEXICAN FOOD and want to enjoy “MUSICA CHINGONA”, you should most definitely come an try our dishes from our Mexican family tradition. 

What to Expect? 
Expect something different of what you know about Mexican food! 

Does it cost?
The entrance to the concerts is 5 euro (2,50 litmaatschaap included) and bring extra cash to try our dishes :) 

Is Mexico Dangerous? 
If you are Donald Trumpo, it is. 

Why El Malo? 
We are trying to establish a collaborative project with a our friends in Vienna call “El Feo”, so it was easy to be “El Malo”. So in the future expect “El Bueno”.