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Juan Noguera and band

  • datum:24/03
  • tijd:20:00
  • locatie:CC Muziekcafé
  • adres:Rustenburgerstraat 384, Amsterdam
  • kosten:€3
Cumbia, salsa and joropo sung by an world traveller with Colombian roots.


Colombian singer/guitarist/percussionist Juan Noguera lived in countries as Sierra Leone, India and the United States of America, where he washed dishes, looked after diamond mines and made music. Together with his band he performs simple, but deep songs that tell all about his life experience.

If one has to describe style and influences, the terms traditional joropo, cumbia and salsa are the words. Also Indian and Western European sounds as well as sounds from the Middle East can be discovered. In other words: World Music.

Besides the lyrics in Spanish language by the Ron y Tobacco voice of Juan Noguera, compositions of band members Fatima-Zohra Buurman (voice, keys, flute) and Philip de Goey (flute, sax, percussion) Christian Smalt (bass) and Rudy Tuhusula (percussion) are heard.

This variety of styles creates an interesting mix of swinging Latin-American rhythms to meditative fusion sounds.