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Milunes, Concert & Milonga, by The Guerrero-Capitano Tango Duo – DJ Torito

  • datum:04/09
  • tijd:20.00 uur
  • locatie:Teatro Munganga
  • adres:Schinkelhavenstraat 27 hs, Amsterdam
  • kosten:15 euro

The Guerrero-Capitano Tango Duo made up of Leonel Capitano (voice and bandoneon) and Agustín Guerrero (piano) is one of the most complete manifestations of a new and genuine language of Argentine music. This artistic meeting has several years of gestation.

Since in 2017 they have developed, together with the guitarist Juan Martín Scalerandi, recording material and a series of concerts in different places in Argentina, with the Creole repertoire of the work of Carlos Gardel.

In 2019, a tour of Mexico and Cuba, where he filmed “Son Tango: entre el sueño y la vigilia”; and for more than 10 European cities.
The communion of these two artists is undoubtedly an excellent synthesis of the most genuine proposals of the new Argentine music, performing a concert made up of a repertoire made up entirely of works of their authorship, among which we can find tangos with lyrics and music by Capitano in which the most current topics are addressed; instrumental works by Guerrero with tango and folkloric characteristics, but with the language of these times; and a series of compositions with music by Guerrero and lyrics by Capitano.

In addition, these two artists are great connoisseurs of the traditional tango work, having in their repertoire the most outstanding titles of the genre, both instrumentally and sung by Capitano.

They are currently working on a record by the Orquesta Típica Agustín Guerrero (OTAG) with a whole new repertoire sung by Leonel Capitano that includes mostly his works and those of current colleagues.

DJ Torito

Since 1991 it is Argentine Tango for me. Part from dancing a few nights per week, I’ve been teaching it, performing it on stage, organising events, and getting event organisors and media the tango artists for their projects, parties and broadcasts.

As Tango DJ I’ll see to it that lyrical or romantic songs and more energetic or rhythmic pieces be played with ‘a wave length’ of about one hour. A set of milongas may best be preceeded by a set of the already more rhythmic tangos, and be followed up by a set of the calmer romantic tangos. I’ll play traditional style, but I like also to put in some ‘neo’ as well, depending the expectations of the visitors of the particular milonga.