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Redmond: Racial inequality in Brazil

  • datum:04/03
  • tijd:19:30
  • locatie:OT301
  • adres:Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
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Documentary by Joel Zito about race in Brazil, a topic igniting passionate debate across the country, followed by a discussion with Patricia Schor.Brazil imported ten times more slaves than the U.S. and was the last nation to abolish slavery. Yet, while race has been overtly divisive in most countries with a legacy of slavery, Brazil has long boasted of its intermixing and racial harmony. Today, however, Brazilians are awakening to the reality that opportunity increases directly with the whiteness of one’s skin.

After the film, Redmond will be talking with Brazilian-Dutch academic and activist, Patricia Schor about what the Netherlands might learn from the way anti-blackness and racism are being discussed in Brazil. Netherlands has its own history of colonization, slavery and anti-blackness. There are major differences in the way race plays out in both societies, but the silence and marginalization Blacks face are common threads.

Watch the preview here.

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