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Stories of Resistance from Honduras

  • datum:19/10
  • tijd:20:00 - 22:00
  • locatie:Transnational Institute, TNI
  • adres:De Wittenstraat 25, Amsterdam

Honduras has suffered as a result of economic and political models based on resource extraction, which commodify the natural environment, and reduce it to a source of profit for national and transnational corporations.

Local activists have been resisting the environmental destruction and abuses of human and people’s rights occurring in their country. They have faced violent repression. Since 2010 more than 120 people have been killed for environmental activism in Honduras, including Berta Caceres in 2016. However, the struggles continue.

At 7PM on the 19th of October, representatives from Honduras will share their stories: 

-Mario Zabala from Madre Tierra and Aurelia Aru from OFRANEH will share their experience in Honduras and explain the current situation in relation to extractive industries, and resistance to them.
-Karin Nansen from Friends of the Earth International will provide an international perspective on this model and alternatives.
-Brid Brennan (tbc) will share an update on the efforts underway at the UN level to develop a treaty to hold transnational corporations responsible for their crimes.

Language: Spanish & English, translation will be provided. 
This evening is open to all who are interested and are willing to offer a safer space for these activists who face repression in their daily struggles.